Machine Tool Gauges

TAC Rockford offers the world's largest variety of gauges and preventive maintenance tools for the machine tool industry designed to detect problems in machining centers before they become serious. Products include the ForceCheck gauge for measuring tool holder clamping force, spindle run-out test bars, tool changer alignment tools, collet and chuck force measurement tools, and spindle and tool holder dimensional gauges.

Service Kits

Service Kits

Machine tool service kits from TAC Rockford include all common preventive gauges for a specific machine tool taper in one convenient kit.

Milling Spindle Gauges

TAC Rockford offers several gauges to keep your HSK, Steep Taper, Capto, KM and other CNC milling or grinding machining center spindle in top operating condition. To learn more, visit our milling spindle machine tool gauges section.

Tool Holder Taper Gauges

Units are available for CAT/DIN/BT tapers in basic contact gauges, dial indicator gauges, as well as air gauges. For HSK, we offer dial indicator, electronic, and air gauges.


ForceCheck gauges from TAC Rockford are for preventive maintenance on machine tools, such as the power draw-bar spindle interface, chucks/turning-centers, and other machining applications. Since some spindles and turning-centers are standard, and other force measuring requirements might be unique, we offer an expansive product line of gauges to suit the needs for anyone in the machine tool industry.

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