ForceCheck Workholding Collet Force Gauge

ForceCheck collet force gauges provide a quick and easy way to check force on collet workholding systems.

Applications for ForceCheck workholding collet force gauges include:

  • Comparison of holding force between machines, allowing for consistent and repeatable production results regardless of mechanism (manual, hydraulic, or pneumatic)
  • Periodic verification to assess if preventive maintenance is needed
  • Establish correct holding force for running a particular part or job
  • Determine optimal holding force for thin-wall, rings, and other parts sensitive to damage or distortion when machining

A sensor is needed for each diameter to be measured. A ForceCheck base set with display is needed to display results (order separately).

Sensors are also available in low-force versions. Contact us for further information.

Gauge Diameter Insertion Depth Part Number
8mm Collet Force Sensor     8mm  20mm          495.245.08mm
10mm Collet Force Sensor     10mm  20mm          495.245.10mm
12mm Collet Force Sensor     12mm  20mm          495.245.12mm
14mm Collet Force Sensor     14mm  20mm          495.245.14mm
16mm Collet Force Sensor     16mm  25mm          495.245.16mm
18mm Collet Force Sensor     18mm  25mm          495.245.18mm
20mm Collet Force Sensor     20mm  25mm          495.245.20mm
25mm Collet Force Sensor     25mm  30mm          495.245.25mm
30mm Collet Force Sensor     30mm  30mm          495.245.30mm
40mm Collet Force Sensor     40mm  30mm          495.245.40mm
3/8 inch Collet Force Sensor     0.375"  0.80"          495.245.3/8"
1/2 inch Collet Force Sensor     0.500"  0.80"          495.245.1/2"
5/8 inch Collet Force Sensor     0.625"  1.00"          495.245.5/8"
3/4 inch Collet Force Sensor     0.750"  1.25"          495.245.3/4"
1 inch Collet Force Sensor     1.000"  1.25"          495.245.1"
1-1/4 inch Collet Force Sensor     1.250"  1.25"          495.245.1-1/4"
1-1/2 inch Collet Force Sensor     1.500"  1.25"          495.245.1-1/2"
1/2 inch Hex Bar Collet Force Sensor     0.500" Hex Bar  0.80"          495.245.H1/2"
3/4 inch Hex Bar Collet Force Sensor     0.750" Hex Bar  1.25"          495.245.H3/4"
7/8 inch Hex Bar Collet Force Sensor     0.875" Hex Bar  1.25"          495.245.H7/8"
1 inch Hex Bar Collet Force Sensor     1.000" Hex Bar  1.25"          495.245.H1"
Special Configuration     Customized  Customized          495.245.SP

ForceCheck Force Gauge Base Set - Wired
ForceCheck Force Gauge Base Set - Wired

Sets include display, connecting cable, and carrying case. Measuring bars, adapters, and other accessories are ordered separately.

Details PDF (461.310)

Part Number
ForceCheck Base Set                 461.310.000.000

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Wireless Chuck Force Gauges
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The ForceCheck wireless chuck force gauge is designed to quickly and accurately measure holding force and speed on chucks. Verifying chuck holding force allows manufacturers to improve the repeatability of a manufacturing process by checking actual holding force under dynamic (rotating) conditions, as well as perform critical preventative maintenance checks. Contact us for other clamping diameters and extension rings, as well as 4+ jaw chucks.

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