BERG BERG Pallet Holding Force Gauges

Includes measuring case, display unit, measuring cartridge, test certificate, and clamping head specific pull studs

BERG BERG Pallet Holding Force Gauges (Click image to enlarge)
BERG BERG Pallet Holding Force Gauges (Click image to enlarge)

PDF Data Sheet: BERG BERG Pallet Holding Force Gauges (292-PCFG)

Application The BERG clamping force measuring system for clamping heads is intended to measure the force of individual clamping heads. The transfer of data via the series interface makes it possible to check and document all clamping positions.

Design features The measuring system consists of a sturdy, handy display unit, the measuring cartridge with integrated force sensor as well as the clamping bolts required for the respective clamping head. The measuring data can be transferred to a Windows PC via a serial interface of the hand-held display unit. The measuring system comes in a sturdy plastic measuring case, accommodating the display unit, measuring cartridge and clamping head specific pull studs.

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