Tool Holders

We offer a wide variety of tool holders for HSK and other spindles. In addition, we offer tool holder blanks for manufacturing custom tool holders. Can't find what you need? We can also help with custom tool holders that are exactly what you need.

Adapters, Extensions, Reducers

For converting one spindle taper shank to another, or extending, reducing, or expanding between tapers.

Custom Holders

Custom Holders

Looking for a tool holder that doesn't seem to be available anywhere? TAC Rockford can supply the exact holder that you need -- all we need is a drawing (even a sketch on a napkin!) or an idea of what you need. We'll take care of the rest.


Tool holder blanks have the taper "finished" (hardened, ground, etc.), but leave a large unfinished portion that can be machined to your requirements.

TAC Rockford stocks hundreds of sizes in virtually all common taper standards and sizes.

Need something you don't see on our site? No problem! We offer custom-made blanks to meet your needs. Also, we often have additional sizes in stock not listed on our website.

Need help with fixturing blanks for machining? We can help - give us a call.

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