Granite Inspection Cylinders

Granite Inspection Cylinder

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Granite Inspection Cylinder

Granite Inspection Cylinder (Click image to enlarge)
Granite Inspection Cylinder Diagram (Click image to enlarge)
Cylinder H (mm) D (mm) Part Number
200 x 70   200  70            451.CG0.200.070
300 x 80   300  80            451.CG0.300.080
400 x 100   400  100            451.CG0.400.100
500 x 120   500  120            451.CG0.500.120
800 x 160   800  160            451.CG0.800.160

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Master Granite Setup Squares (90 degrees)
Master Granite Setup Squares (90 degrees)

Granite block with two diamond-lapped measuring faces. Made in Germany to DIN 875 / 876 standard.

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