Collet Force Gauges

The collet force gauge allows tool holder and workholding collet holding force to be quickly and easily measured. Because it is problematic to measure, this critical holding force is typically not checked, even though it is an important role in manufacturing repeatability.

Collet Force Gauges
Collet Force Gauges

With the ForceCheck collet force gauge, the clamping forces on collets and hydraulic tool holders can be measured to obtain accurate machining specifications while fulfilling ISO standard requirements. Available in complete sets for 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 10 mm, 16 mm, 20 mm, 25 mm and other diameters.

Details PDF (483.110)

Hydraulic Collet Gauges
Hydraulic Collet Gauges

Accurate, quick and simple measuring of the clamping force of hydraulic chucks.

Details PDF (483.038)

Item Size (mm) Part Number
Collet Gauge     6            483.038.006.000
Collet Gauge     8            483.038.008.000
Collet Gauge     10            483.038.010.000
Collet Gauge     12            483.038.012.000
Collet Gauge     14            483.038.014.000
Collet Gauge     16            483.038.016.000
Collet Gauge     18            483.038.018.000
Collet Gauge     20            483.038.020.000
Collet Gauge     25            483.038.025.000
Collet Gauge     32            483.038.032.000

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