Machine Components

We represent and work with well-known machine component manufacturers, including BERG Spanntechnik, BKW/Küma, Fluiten, Hyprostatik, HAWE, Sidepalsa, MINK, Roehrs, Oswald and others.

Tool Holders, Adapters, Blanks, and Accessories

TAC Rockford offers a wide variety of tool holders for HSK and other spindles. In addition, we offer tool holder blanks for manufacturing custom tool holders. Can't find what you need? We can also help with custom tool holders that are exactly what you need.

European & Asian Parts Sourcing Service

European & Asian Parts Sourcing Service

Search our alphabetical list of companies we have obtained replacement parts from – if you are looking for a different European or Asian manfacturer, please contact us as our list is always updating:

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Transatlantic Connection, Inc. is a comprehensive supplier of all types European and Asian components. Our network can quickly and efficiently source virtually any part required for your production directly from an overseas manufacturer. We can help your company avoid the time-consuming, troublesome, and costly process of obtaining parts directly from a foreign country – or the long lead time and high prices from a U.S. representative.

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