Tool Changer Grippers

Our heavy duty grippers are ideal for heavier tools or where a robust gripper is desired. This gripper is available with single and dual articulated fingers. Grippers for HSK-A/E/F 63 and 40 steep taper are available from stock. Our locking grippers are ideal for applications requiring an extra degree of security (unusually heavy tools, etc.) The standard gripper unlocks mechanically when the spindle accesses the tool, but optionally can also be released using a pneumatic or electric actuator.

Standard-Duty Tool Changer Grippers
Standard-Duty Tool Changer Grippers

Standard duty grippers are injection molded or machined from specially formulated high-strength fiber reinforced plastics. HSK40 and HSK63 grippers are available from stock for quick delivery.

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Standard-Duty Spring Steel Grippers
Standard-Duty Spring Steel Grippers

Standard duty spring steel grippers offer higher holding capacity and strength combined with a lower-cost design. Flexibility is maintained using a specialized spring steel and heat treat process. Grippers can be customized to meet specific mounting patterns. Contact us for taper sizes not shown.

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DE Series Tool Changer Grippers
DE Series Tool Changer Grippers

DE series grippers can be customized to meet specific mounting patterns. Contact us for taper sizes not shown.

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Taper Part Number
HSK-E15 (ATC-E15)                 250.240.515.000
HSK-A/E/F 40       
HSK-E 25                 250.240.525.000
HSK-E/F 32                 250.240.532.000
HSK-E/F 40                 250.240.540.000
HSK-E/F 50                 250.240.550.000
HSK-E/F 63                 250.240.563.000
Steep Taper (BT) 30                 250.240.730.000
Steep Taper (BT) 40                 250.240.740.000
Steep Taper (DIN) 30                 250.240.830.000
Steep Taper (DIN) 40                 250.240.840.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 30                 250.240.930.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 40                 250.240.940.000

Heavy-Duty Tool Changer Grippers
Heavy-Duty Tool Changer Grippers

Heavy duty grippers are designed for demanding applications and where total cost of machine ownership is considered (individual components are replaceable). These grippers have a pivoting finger that allows tool holding force to be adjusted by changing the internal spring. In addition, this unique design minimizes wear on the tool holder. <br><br> Contact us for optional orientation keys.

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Description Part Number
HSK-E 15 + ATC-E 15                 250.111.515.000
HSK-A/E 25       
HSK-A/E 32       
HSK-A/E/F/T 40       
HSK-A/E/F 50       
HSK-A/E/F 63 + Steep Taper 40 (CAT/ANSI/DIN)       
HSK-A 80 + HSK-F 80       
HSK-A 100       
HSK-A 125       
Steep Taper 40 (BT)                 250.111.740.000
Steep Taper 50 (BT)                 250.111.750.000
Steep Taper 50 (CAT/ANSI)                 250.111.950.000
Steep Taper 60 (CAT/ANSI)                 250.111.960.000

Heavy-Duty Locking Grippers
Heavy-Duty Locking Grippers

The locking gripper offers the same features as the heavy duty gripper, but adds the benefit of a locking mechanism to retain the tool. Because the tool cannot be removed from the gripper, this design is ideal for rapid acceleration or extremely heavy tools. Unlocking can be mechanical, electric, or pneumatic depending on customer requirements.

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Tool Holder Flange Grippers
Tool Holder Flange Grippers

Designed for applications where the tool holder flange v-groove needs to be accessible for pickup with a changer arm or other mechanism.

Details PDF (250.415)

Taper Type V-Groove Part Number
HSK-A 63         Flange OD Gripper       V-Groove Accessible  250.415.163.000

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