Complete Tool Holder Clamping System Accessories

Drawbar adapters, Pull Studs / Retention Knobs, fluid transmission systems, drawbar clamping force gauges, spring stacks, and other tool clamping accessories are available.

Spring Stacks
Spring Stacks

Spring stacks are used in machining spindles for mechanically generating the actuation force for the clamping means.

Details PDF (291-SPRING)

Drawbar Adapters
Drawbar Adapters

Depending on the customer's requirements one or more media can be transmitted from the end of the spindle (actuation and/or rotary supply to the front HSK, SSK or Coromant Capto interface.

Details PDF (291-ADAPT)

Pull Studs / Retention Knobs
Pull Studs / Retention Knobs

High-precision retention knobs are available for use with BERG steep taper grippers.

Details PDF (291-AZB)

Rotary Transmission Leadthroughs HDF
Rotary Transmission Leadthroughs HDF

Rotary transmission leadthroughs serve as a rear inter face for fluid transmission into the spindle. A hydromechanic clamping unit or integrated clamping cylinder can be actuated with the media oil, air and coolant. The transmission of oil and coolant is possible at rotational speed.

Details PDF (291-HDF)

Drawbar Clamping Force Gauges
Drawbar Clamping Force Gauges

This critical performance -- the tool clamping force -- is often never measured after a machine is put into service. Regular verification allows problems to be detected early so maintenance and repairs can be scheduled. As a result, emergencies and unexpected downtime can be avoided. When troubleshooting, drawbar performance can quickly be verified.

Details PDF (461.310)

Description Part Number
HSK-A/C/E 25                 461.310.125.000
HSK-A/C/E 32                 461.310.132.000
HSK-A/C/E 40     HSK-B/D/F 50            461.310.140.000
HSK-A/C/E 50     HSK-B/D/F 63            461.310.150.000
HSK-A/C/E 63     HSK-B/D/F 80            461.310.163.000
HSK-A/C/E 80     HSK-B/D/F 100            461.310.180.000
HSK-A/C/E 100     HSK-B/D/F 125            461.310.190.000
HSK-A/C/E 125                 461.310.192.000
HSK-A/C/E 160                 461.310.196.000
Steep Taper (BT) 30                 461.310.730.000
Steep Taper (BT) 40                 461.310.740.000
Steep Taper (BT) 50                 461.310.750.000
Steep Taper (DIN) 30                 461.310.830.000
Steep Taper (DIN) 40                 461.310.840.000
Steep Taper (DIN) 40 and 50                 461.310.840.850
Steep Taper (DIN) 50                 461.310.850.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 30                 461.310.930.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 40                 461.310.940.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 40 and 50                 461.310.940.950
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 45                 461.310.945.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 50                 461.310.950.000
Steep Taper (CAT/ANSI) 60                 461.310.960.000
Capto C3                 461.310.C03.000
Capto C4                 461.310.C04.000
Capto C5                 461.310.C05.000
Capto C6                 461.310.C06.000
Capto C8                 461.310.C08.000
Capto C10                 461.310.C10.000
KM 63                 461.310.K63.000
KM 100                 461.310.K90.000

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