Capto Master Setting Gauges

Polygonal-Shank Taper (PSK) Master Setting / Center Height

PDF Data Sheet: Capto Master Setting Gauges (455.C00)

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To guarantee accurate and repeatable machine accuracy, various other components in the total machining process need to be correctly and accurately positioned. The Center Height Gauge allows the spindle center and spindle orientation to be checked. In addition, the gauge can also be used for tool presetter verification.

Taper Gauge Length Diameter fg Part Number
Capto C3   lg=40  Dg=34  22          455.110.C03.000
Capto C4   lg=50  Dg=42  27          455.110.C04.000
Capto C5   lg=60  Dg=52  35          455.110.C05.000
Capto C6   lg=65  Dg=65  45          455.110.C06.000
Capto C8 and C8X   lg=80  Dg=82  55          455.110.C08.000
Capto C10   Contact us              455.110.C10.000

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