Custom Tool Holders

Custom HSK-A100 Tool Holder for Sopko wheel arbor (Click image to enlarge)
Custom Tool Holders (Click image to enlarge)

Custom HSK-A100 Tool Holder for Sopko wheel arbor

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Custom HSK-A100 Tool Holder for Sopko wheel arbor

PDF Data Sheet: Custom Tool Holders (600.500)

Looking for a tool holder that doesn't seem to be available anywhere? TAC Rockford can supply the exact holder that you need – all we need is a drawing (even a sketch on a napkin!) or an idea of what you need. We'll take care of the rest.

Available types include:
• HSK taper in forms A, B, C, D, E, and F in sizes from 25 to 160
• HSK-85 "Weinig"
• Steep taper CAT/ANSI, SK/DIN, BT/JIS, ISO in sizes from 10 to 60
• Holders for machining centers, turning centers, grinding machines, and other specialty machines
• Special application holders for metal, stone, glass, and wood machining
• Grinding wheel arbors for Sopko and other interfaces

Contact us with your requirements.

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