BERG HZV-RTM and PZV-RTM Distributors

The centralized distributors are designed for pressure media supply on indexing machines, such as automatic turntable machines and automatic indexing drum machines.

PDF Data Sheet: BERG HZV-RTM and PZV-RTM Distributors (292-HZV-PZV)

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Application The centralized distributors are designed for pressure media supply on indexing machines, such as automatic turntable machines and automatic indexing drum machines. Please refer to the data sheet for the extensive range of individual switching possibilities.

Design Features The centralized distributor essentially consists of the fixed distributor piece and the distributor housing. The distributor housing indexes together with the turntable or indexing drum. The fixed distributor piece accommodates two connections for the loading station (clamping and unclamping), one connection for the work stations (continuous pressure), as well as one connection for the leak oil return. The pneumatic centralized distributor is connected to the central lubrication system via the tapped hole M 8x1. This connection is not required for the hydraulic centralized distributor. The Ø 20x10 hole is provided for unforced torque support.

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