Overview: Mink-Bursten Industrial Brushes

Mink Brush (Click image to enlarge)
Overview: Mink-Bursten Industrial Brushes (Click image to enlarge)

Mink Brush

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Mink Brush

If you are a machine builder with specific design criteria for an industrial brush application, we can help. If you use machinery with Mink brushes, we can provide replacement brushes.

PDF Data Sheet: Overview: Mink-Bursten Industrial Brushes (340.100)

Throughout the world, Mink pioneered the use of brushes as multi-purpose

From hand-held brushes to universal machine brushes Mink has played the
role of pacesetter, repeatedly giving impetus to the market with innovations
such as the Mink KETT System. Every year Mink produces approximately
three million brushes of over 16,000 different types.

If you are a machine builder with specific design criteria for an industrial
brush application, we can help. If you use machinery with Mink brushes, we
can provide replacement brushes.

Let us know your requirements.

• Strip Brushes
• Circular Brushes
• Antistatic Brushes
• Special Purpose Brushes
• Belt Brushes
• Disc Brushes
• KETT Systems (Transverse and Conveying)

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