Machine Tool Accessories

TAC Rockford's unique accessories simplify and accelerate tool holder and workpiece setup and improve the production process. Products include time-saving 3D setup indicators, tool holder balancers, heat shrink systems, tool storage systems, tool mounting vises, taper cleaners, and others.

Taper Cleaning

Critical to maintaining a rigid interface is cleanliness of the spindle and tool holder taper. TAC Rockford offers spindle taper wipers and tool holder cleaning units to help make cleaning an easy and consistent part of an effective preventative maintenance program.

Tool Storage

The TUL system is designed to provide for the safe storage, transportation, and accessibility of high-quality precision tools. The system includes mobile carts and storage cabinets for the accommodation of the renowned TUL tool carriers. In designing the system, particular attention was given to providing for safe handling, good mobility, flexibility in everyday use, and ample load bearing capacity. The result is a system for the protective transportation and ready accessibility of tooling.


Using innovative technologies, TAC Rockford products simplify workholding while dramatically reducing unproductive machine down-time due to set-up and changing workpieces. Products include the QuickPoint mini pallet system, the revolutionary GripFix workholding system, VarioTec vise jaws and InoGrip chuck jaws.

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