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Machine clamping force with the ForceCheck Drawbar Force Gauge

Demonstration of how quick and easy to check the force pressure on a spindle drawbar with a ForceCheck gauge.

April 2010

Workholding Collets And Factors That Affect Grip Force

In today's complex manufacturing environment, maintaining operations at optimum levels will require a significant degree of attention, effort and priority. This is particularly true of the higher tech elements such as machine controls, hard working mechanical structures, programming and general equipment reliability. Fortunately, on the other hand, there are certain manufacturing components that are robust and consistent, and that will yield a long lifetime of usage...

August 2004

Don't Forget The Drawbar

The term "toolholder" contains a touch of irony. A toolholder does hold the tool for the machining center, but the toolholder itself is a component that has to be held. The various tool clamping choices such as screws, collets, hydraulics and shrink fit all make it easy to focus on the toolholder's connection to the tool. However, clamping is also performed by the spindle drawbar -- a clamping mechanism that often does not draw enough attention...

March 2006

What is a Drawbar Force Gauge?

Force gauges for drawbars differ from regular and the commonly searched for "force gauges" that typically measure pull force. Drawbar force gauges go on heavy-duty spindles, CNC machines or lathes and require different attachments or adapters for each individual dimensions of the machine. Spinning machines and modern machine tools use high amounts of force which require accurate force readings in order to have efficient production and assembly...

March 2010

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