Snake-Arm Lamp Images



DirectMountBaseDirect Mount Base

DirectMountBaseDirect Mount Base



C-ClampBaseC-Clamp Base

C-ClampBaseC-Clamp Base



magneticbaseMagnetic Base

magneticbase2Magnetic Base

Lathe Chuck Shields Ordering Information

LMP-18D: Lamp With 18" Snake Arm and Direct-Mount Base

LMP-24D: Lamp With 24" Snake Arm and Direct-Mount Base

LMP-18C: Lamp With 18" Snake Arm and C-Clamp Base

LMP-24C: Lamp With 24" Snake Arm and C-Clamp Base

LMP-18M: Lamp With 18" Snake Arm and Magnetic Base

LMP-24M: Lamp With 24" Snake Arm and Magnetic Base

Optional Accessory Images


wgappliedLMP-WG Applied


LMP-MAappliedLMP-MA Applied


LMP-MADappliedLMP-MAD Applied



Snake-Arm Lamp Accessories Ordering Information

LMP-WG: Wire Guard That Snaps Onto the Rim of the Lampshade to Protect the Lightbulbe

LMP-MA: Magnifier Attachment With 2" x 4", 2-Power Glass Lens

LMP-MAD: Magnifier Attachment With 2" x 4", 2-Power Glass Lens and 1"-Diameter, 4-Power Meniscus Inset

BKT-150: Horizontal Right-Angle Mounting Bracket for Direct-Mount Base

BKT-160: Vertical Right-Angle Mounting Bracket for Direct-Mount Base

Product Information

According to several ANSI B11-series safety standards for machine tools (such as ANSI B11.8 for milling, drilling, and boring machines and ANSI B11.6 for lathes), lighting must be installed to ensure that personnel can safely perform their tasks. For lighting requirements, the ANSI B11-series standards reference the ANSI/IESNA RP-7 standard, Recommended Practice for Lighting Industrial Facilities. (IESNA is the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.)

To help industrial users meet applicable ANSI B11-series safety standards as well as the ANSI/IESNA RP-7 standard for lighting requirements, Danray Products offers snake-arm lamps that will light the point of operation of machines or work areas where additional light is required. A bright, conical metal reflector directs the light to where it is needed. Each lamp uses a 100-watt-maximum ordinary incandescent lightbulb (not included). An innovative, finned-aluminum heat sink keeps the on/off toggle switch cool for a long switch life. The heavy-duty snake arms are made of spring steel covered with vinyl to protect them from grease, oil, and contaminants that would weaken their holding ability. They offer practically unlimited adjustment possibilities and long-term holding power.

All snake-arm lamps are UL-listed and bear the C-UL US listing mark, which indicates compliance with United States and Canadian requirements. Each lamp has a 6' oil-resistant power cord with a 120-volt grounded plug. The SJTO 18/3 thermoplastic cord has three 18-gauge wires, a NEMA 5-15 plug, and is rated up to 105°C (221°F). Each lampshade is made of high-impact polycarbonate that is resistant to chipping, denting, and cracking. The lampshade has a double wall that keeps the outer wall from getting too hot; this allows adjustment of the lampshade while in use, even after the lamp has been on for hours!

The snake-arm lamps are available with three different mounting styles: direct, C-clamp, and magnetic. The direct-mount base can be fastened to most any flat surface at least 2" x 1" with two included 1/4" fasteners. The C-clamp base can be mounted to a table or ledge up to 1 7/8" thick. The magnetic base consists of a 3 1/4"-diameter magnet with 100 pounds of holding force.

Optional accessories for the lamps include a wire guard that can be snapped onto the rim of the lampshade to protect the lightbulb, two magnifier attachments that can mount directly to the lampshade, and two right-angle mounting brackets for the direct-mount base. Both magnifier attachments have a 2" x 4", 2-power glass lens, but one also includes a 1"-diameter, 4-power meniscus inset located near the right edge of the lens. Each magnifier attachment comes with a cover that slides over the lens to protect it when not in use. Please note that a wire guard cannot be used in conjunction with a magnifier attachment. A horizontal or vertical mounting bracket can be helpful in locating a lamp with a direct-mount base where you need it.

Our snake-arm lamps and accessories are proudly made in the United States of America!

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