Electronic Tool Taper Gauges

Periodic verification of HSK tool shafts for optimum performance of the HSK system

The four transducers mounted in the measuring ring are used for differential measurement of gauge dimensions d2 and d3. Deviations from the calibrated taper plug gauge are shown on the two indicator columns.

Electronic Tool Taper Gauges (Click image to enlarge)
Electronic Tool Taper Gauges (Click image to enlarge)

PDF Data Sheet: Electronic Tool Taper Gauges (410.220)

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Gauges to measure tool shanks at determined measuring points in ratio to the contact face.

Measuring set with storage case includes taper plug gauge, taper measuring ring with four transducers, and certificate.

Note: The indicator column can be linked to a PC for recording and storing the data.

Standard SpecificationMeasuring gauge set in wooden box with taper plug gauge and taper measuring ring with 4 transducers and certificate.

Function The measuring ring is provided with 4 inductive transducers. These are used for a differential measurement of the nominal taper diameter d2 to the nominal taper distance l2 and the measuring point diameter d3 to the measuring point distance l3. Deviations to the measurements of the calibrated taper plug gauge are simultaneously indicated on the twin indicator columns.

Indicating instrument – Technical dataMeasuring range adjustable: ± 10; ± 30; ± 100; ± 300; ± 1000
Indicator clips: 4, adjustable over the entire scale range
Scale length: 150 mm, 300 divisions
Supply voltage: 220 V
Dimensions: 370 x 50 x 95 mm

HSK A/C/E HSK B/D/F d2 d3 l2 l3 Part Number
Indicator Column                 410.220.000.000
HSK-A 25   HSK 32    19.000     18.1500   2.5  8.5  410.220.125.000
HSK-A 32   HSK 40    24.007     23.2755   3.2  7.3  410.220.132.000
HSK-A 40   HSK 50    30.007    29.0551   4.0  4.5  410.220.140.000
HSK-A 50   HSK 63    38.009     36.9068  5.0  11.0  410.220.150.000
HSK-A 63   HSK 80    48.010     46.5370   6.3  14.7  410.220.163.000
HSK-A 80   HSK 100    60.012     58.1082   8.0  19.0  410.220.180.000
HSK-A 100   HSK 125    75.013    72.6082   10.0  24.0  410.220.190.000

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