Morse Tool Holder Taper

Tool holder taper gauges designed for the Morse taper (DIN 229).

Morse Tool Holder Taper Sleeve Gauges
Morse Tool Holder Taper Sleeve Gauges

TAC Rockford Morse tool holder taper gauges are for inspection of Morse tool holder tapers. Gauges made from a hardened gauge steel, and include a certificate. Manufactured per DIN 229.

Details PDF (430.M10)

Description Morse Taper Part Number
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 0     MT0            430.110.M00.000
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 1     MT1            430.110.M01.000
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 2     MT2            430.110.M02.000
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 3     MT3            430.110.M03.000
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 4     MT4            430.110.M04.000
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 5     MT5            430.110.M05.000
Morse Taper (DIN 230) 6     MT6            430.110.M06.000

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