Kelch HSK-A Reduction Sleeves for Straight Shanks Slim Version

Available for HSK-A 63

PDF Data Sheet: Kelch HSK-A Reduction Sleeves for Straight Shanks Slim Version (682.420.0700)

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UseFor holding shank tools with lateral driving surface, DIN 1835-1 type B and inclined clamping surface (2º), DIN 1835-1 type E or DIN 6535 type HB and HE.

DesignPermissible concentricity deviation of hollow taper shank to location hole d 1= 0.003 mm (measured at 3 x D cantilever length). Chucks are fine balanced according to ISO 1940-1 G 6.3 at 12,000 rpm.

Standard SpecificationClamping screw and adjusting screw included.

NoteFor an increased machining accuracy the bore tolerance is much reduced compared to DIN 1835.

Bored through adjusting screw for coolant. Other designs and sizes are available on request.

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