Morse Taper Spindle Runout Arbors

Morse spindle taper runout test arbor

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Morse spindle taper runout test arbor

For testing spindle run-out on the Morse taper standard (DIN 229)

Morse taper runout arbors offer a quick and easy way to verify correct spindle runout for machines with Morse tapers.

PDF Data Sheet: Morse Taper Spindle Runout Arbors (465.M00)

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• Maximum runout error 0.005mm / 5 micron / 0.0002 inch. Contact us for availability on ultra-precision 0.001mm runout arbors.
• Carrying cases are not included. Visit www.tac.us/runoutcases for available case styles (Data Sheet 465.006).
• A certificate of accuracy is included.
• Manufactured per Morse taper standard DIN 229.
• Contact us for other lengths, tapers, and other special requirements.

Description Morse Taper Part Number
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 0     MT            465.M00.000.000
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 1     MT1            465.M01.000.000
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 2     MT2            465.M02.000.000
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 3     MT3            465.M03.000.000
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 4     MT4            465.M04.000.000
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 5     MT5            465.M05.000.000
Morse Taper (DIN 229) 6     MT6            465.M06.000.000

Overview: Spindle Runout Arbor Carrying Cases
Overview: Spindle Runout Arbor Carrying Cases

Whether your gauges need to be transported on a frequent basis, or need to be stored in one area for a period of time, we can offer a reliable solution.

Details PDF (465.006)

Spindle Runout Test Arbor Instructions
Spindle Runout Test Arbor Instructions

One of the leading causes of tool breakage, part finish issues, tolerance control, and machine registration issues is excessive spindle runout.

Details PDF (465.005)

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