GAT Replacement Parts Service

GAT Replacement Parts Service

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- Our valuable and reliable products assure your success
- Innovation and experience shape our products
- You tell us your requirements, and we offer you the suitable solution
- We are continuously making breakthroughs in our product development
- High quality in all production processes ensures the quality of GAT products


Due to our many years of experience in the area of rotating sealing systems, we have the necessary knowledge to be able to manufacture sophisticated and elaborate products, which are impressive because of outstanding performance characteristics and unequalled reliability. Due to continuous development of our products, you always receive a solution that is based on the latest technology, materials, and manufacturing processes.

Rotary Unions --
Mediums of all types can be securely transmitted with our rotary unions. For this we offer a large selection of sealing systems and product variants.

Electrical Slip Rings --
For the secure transmission of electrical currents and signals from stationary to rotating machinery parts - from power currents to precise measuring signals or digital data.

Test Rig Technology --
Components and advice for building economical torque test benches, which can be adjusted according to the needs of use due to modular construction, and which are flexibly expandable.

Internal Minimal Quantity Lubrication --
You can reduce the costs of conventional wet processing by using dry processing with IMMS, and you can avoid the environmental pollution associated with wet processing, while at the same time increasing your productivity.

GAT Products - in use everywhere

Over the course of their many years of experience in the area of drive systems technology, GAT has already developed solutions tailored to a large number of applications, which have proven themselves with their reliability. Our products have contributed to reaching new levels of performance in numerous cases based on their extraordinary capabilities and efficiency. On these pages, we will show you some of these applications with examples of solutions and short descriptions of the products that come into question for you, in order to help you find the optimal product for your specific application, and to direct you to an extensive description of the products.

- Internal Coolant Supply
- Clamping Systems
- Blade Pitch Control
- Turning Tables
- Robots
- Coiler Systems
- Tunnel Boring Machines
- Test Centrifuges
- Separator Centrifuges
- Torsion Test Rigs
- Dry Machining

What exactly is your Spare Parts Service?
Transatlantic Connection supplies spare parts originating from Europe and Asia. We aren't the official US representative for most of the companies we supply parts for, but we can get the parts quickly and cost-effectively through our global network of suppliers and shipping companies. Buying those hard-to-find overseas parts from us is easy -- we handle all the international communication, payment, and shipping issues for you.

What information do I need to provide to you?
The more information the better. Typically, we would like to have whatever information can be found on the nameplate, but we need at least the manufacturer's name and part number. Information we would like to have when it is available/appropriate: serial number, town of manufacture, ratio (for gearboxes), electrical information (voltage, frequency, etc.)

Are you the official representative for all these companies?
Transatlantic Connection is the US representative for many companies, but we do not officially represent most of the companies we are able to supply replacement parts for.

Can I get parts faster than you have quoted? 
Generally, yes. Parts typically arrive in the US via our weekly consolidated shipment, but we can coordinate a special shipment to save a few days. In extremely urgent cases, we are also able to arrange courier service. Should a critical spare part not be in stock at the manufacturer, we will also work with them to expedite production if possible.

Are you supplying the original part, or a substitute?
Transatlantic Connection supplies the original manufacturer part. If the original is no longer available, we will work with the manufacturer of the part to identify a suitable replacement.

Can you provide technical support for products?
For companies we represent, our technical staff in Rockford, IL is available to provide support. For parts from other manufacturers, our technical support team may not have the answer, but will work with the manufacturer to provide needed support. We are typically not able to provide technical support for parts not supplied by our company. 

Will I be billed separately for international inbound freight, customs clearing, and duty costs?
In almost all cases, our quote to you includes all costs related to international shipment -- we won't surprise you with high additional charges at invoice. You only need to pay for the part and to get it from Rockford, Illinois to your location. In some cases, we may quote certain costs separately. If this is the case, the costs will be clearly shown on the quote.

Can you get "proprietary" parts?
Sometimes parts are custom-designed for a particular OEM. If this is the case, the parts are usually only available from the OEM. In certain instances, we are able to supply parts, so please contact us with information for your specific part.

Do you stock parts?
While we do stock some items, most items need to come from the manufacturer.

What types of parts are available?
Virtually any type of component is available. We have supplied parts for most typical industrial equipment, but also some unusual ones -- hydroelectric plants, ski lifts, wind turbines, and ships.

From what countries can you get parts?
Our supply chain is strongest in Germany, the UK, Japan, and Korea, but we can obtain parts from virtually all European and Asian countries.

The nameplate on my part is all in a foreign language. I don't know what number is what!
Send us a photo of the nameplate. Several of our staff members are multi-lingual and can help with translation.

How long do I have to wait for a quote?
For some items we have price lists, allowing us to quote right away. However, for most items, we need to check with the manufacturer for current pricing and lead time. Because of international time changes, this process typically takes at least a day, but can take longer depending on the time the manufacturer needs to calculate pricing.

Can you repair parts?
We can typically coordinate repair at the manufacturer. If a part is deemed unrepairable, we will only invoice for the shipment cost to the manufacturer and any evaluation charge they have.

What is the warranty on parts I purchase from Transatlantic Connection?
We extend the same warranty as the manufacturer of the part. Contact us for specifics on a particular part.

GAT Replacement Part Request

If you would like a quotation for GAT parts, please use the form below or contact us:

Telephone: 815-962-5600
Fax: 815-962-4600
Location: 304 North Main Street, Suite 104, Rockford, IL 61101-1101 USA
Email: infο

If you have photos of the nameplate or part to send, please e-mail them. Pictures of the nameplate can be especially helpful in identifying replacements for older parts.

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