Master Granite Setup Squares (90 degrees)

Part No. 694.1602.104

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Part No. 694.1602.104

Made to DIN 875 / DIN 876 standard

Granite block with two diamond-lapped measuring faces. Made in Germany to DIN 875 / 876 standard.

PDF Data Sheet: Master Granite Setup Squares (90 degrees) (451.1602)

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• Manufactured per DIN875/876
• 2 measuring faces, diamond lapped, corrosion-free and acid resistant.
• Ground outer faces
• Sizes larger than 500x300mm have threaded inserts for eyebolts
• Include certificate
• Made in Germany

Standard squares are 00 accuracy class. Contact us for higher accuracy class 000 squares. Custom sizes also available.

Storage cases not included. Contact us for available types.

AxBxC (mm) Parallelism (um) Perpendicularity (um) Weight (kg) Part Number
400x250x50   2 / 2.5    2.5    8.5      694.1602.203
500x300x50   2.5 / 2    3    15      694.1602.204
600x400x70   2.5 / 2    3    28      694.1602.205
800x600x90   3 / 2.5    3.5    69      694.1602.207
1000x600x120   3.5 / 2.5    4    130      694.1602.208
1500x1000x160   4 / 3.5    5    380      694.1602.210

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